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Alternative Dispute Resolution: A New Approach

What comes to mind when you think of family law? You might think Family Law issues are only resolved through a lengthy and stressful court battle between the two parties. However, there are options to resolve family law issues that don’t involve the cost and trauma and corrosive effect of emotionally charged trials.

As an experienced family law attorney, D.C. Cronin understands the risks, impacts and complexity of various legal processes and issues. That’s why he supports using alternative dispute resolution (ADR), methods to resolve their legal disputes in a more peaceful and amicable way. ADR methods range from arbitration to collaborative law, but the most commonly used method is mediation. There is also the newly adopted rule of the Washington Supreme Court for Informal Domestic Relations Trials. There is also time honored negotiation.

The Power Of Mediation

Mediation is an ADR approach in lieu of litigation or arbitration. A neutral party, such as D.C. Cronin, can serve as the mediator facilitating discussions between the two parties or as a party’s attorney in the process. D.C. Cronin is a Spokane County Superior Court Family Law Mediator who truly believes in the mediation process.

When D.C. Cronin is facilitating mediation, he will begin the mediation process by having both parties present as safety allows. D.C. Cronin will then explain the process and ask each party about their side of the dispute. After the joint session, D.C. Cronin will continue to facilitate settlement discussions.

D.C. Cronin can meet with each party to talk about the issues the other has raised separately if need be. These discussions will help understand how both parties desire to resolve their differences and find common ground on a solution for their legal problem. If necessary the mediation process can require more than one meeting as agreed.

If agreement is reached, D.C. Cronin will diligently oversee the creation of a written mediation agreement, which is signed by both parties, to ensure an agreed resolution to offer to the court.

Why Should You Consider Mediation?

Apart from being a civil way to settle what could have been a stressful and challenging legal dispute, there are several reasons why mediation could be the ideal option for you. They include:

  • You’ll spend less: Mediation avoids court expenses and fees, which can easily add up if a dispute drags for too long.
  • You’ll improve communication: Mediation establishes a foundation for working with one another to jointly find a solution that works for all, which is helpful when parties expect to continue to interact. This is especially important for co-parenting concerns.
  • Your case stays confidential: Instead of bringing a family law case to court, where most everything that occurs is public record, mediation is generally a confidential process where both parties can discuss more sensitive issues privately.
  • Mediation is often Court Required. Mediation can occur at any time, before a case is filed, during the case process. The court will generally require mediation at some juncture if mediation has not already led to a resolution.

Mediation might be the answer if you’re looking for a more flexible and amicable solution to a family law conflict.

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