Protecting Your Family Is Attorney Cronin’s Priority

A Helpful Approach To Family Law

At The Law Office of D.C. Cronin, founding attorney Dennis D.C. Cronin understands family issues can be complex and stressful and need to be handled with respect, integrity and care. Protecting the family dynamic, your relationships, and your rights is a top priority.

When it comes to helping your family, D.C. Cronin generally attempts to resolve conflicts preferably without emotionally traumatic and damaging aggressive tactics. D.C. Cronin attempts to leverage his knowledge to help individuals and couples come together and find amicable solutions. Whether you are seeking a legal separation, a divorce, figuring out parenting plans, or any other family matter, D.C. Cronin can help.

Experienced Legal Representation You Can Rely On

Since 1985, Dennis D.C. Cronin has devoted his career and practice to making sure every individual has access to fair and reliable legal representation and that the law is applied fairly, regardless of resources or backgrounds. D.C. Cronin is dedicated to helping families that need to address family law conflicts including:

  • Divorce and domestic partnerships
  • Legal Separation/Annulment.
  • Dissolution of Committed Intimate Relationships.
  • Equitable division of property and debts.
  • Spousal Maintenance.
  • Separation Contracts.
  • Child “Custody”/Placement.
  • Child support.
  • Parenting plans.
  • Modification of existing decrees/orders/parenting plans.
  • Child Relocations
  • Related Juvenile proceedings such as At Risk Youth and CHINS.
  • Related Minor Guardianship.
  • Administrative proceedings.
  • Appeals.

Whether you are struggling with any of the complex issues such as encompassed within the areas above, D.C. Cronin learn with you your concerns and what is at risk. As an experienced divorce lawyer, he has extensive experience working with individuals in these areas. He will diligently and tirelessly work with you to develop successful strategies to advance your goals. You are not alone in your legal battle; D.C. Cronin will be by your side.

Get A Dedicated Family Law Attorney On Your Side

Regardless of how complex your issues and struggles, attorney D.C. Cronin has the experience and knowledge to effectively help you and guide you through the various processes, keeping you updated on your case, and assuring you understand the various aspects of your case and how the law applies. Don’t take on your family law conflict alone. Call D.C. Cronin today at 509-328-5600 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.