Parenting Plans

Parental autonomy in child rearing is identified as a fundamental liberty interest rooted in the right to privacy –no parent should miss the important milestones in his/her child’s life. DC advocates for his client’s opportunity to spend quality time with his/her child to encourage the child’s strong growth and development.

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Criminal Defense

In felony cases, DC Cronin works to challenge the prosecution to prove every allegation beyond a reasonable doubt, with a goal of eliminating or reducing any potential sentence. Witnesses may misrepresent facts, crime scenes can be tainted, and law enforcement can make mistakes. DC is prepared to put forth the rigorous investigation and research methods he has honed in more than a quarter century of practice.

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All Practice Areas

While the types of cases on which D.C. Cronin works differ greatly, he applies the same rigorous approach to advocacy to each client’s issue.

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