Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dennis has a deep respect for the mediation process and encourages people to come to agreements before seeking a resolution mandated by the court.

As a Spokane County Superior Court LSPR 94.04(1)(12) Family Law Mediator, Dennis provides mediation services for family law matters in which a variety of considerations must be provided, including economic status.

Dennis is pleased to provide mediation services upon the request of the court for Self-Represented Litigants who have been otherwise unable to access services, or for whom the mediation process has previously failed, as well as where otherwise requested.

Committed to his responsibility to proactively work to enhance equal access by promoting alternative dispute resolution and less litigious methods of facilitating agreements, decreasing the expense of litigation for both the public and the court, Dennis was elected as a Board of Directors Member of Northwest Mediation Center in 2015.


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