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Sometimes, what seems like a “simple divorce” is actually as complex as the factors leading to your decision to legally separate, dissolve a marriage or discontinue a long term relationship. The complexity of your case may involve disagreements about real and personal property, consumer debt, child support, and parenting plans. Sometimes the complexity will arise out of disagreements about pre-marital funds, inheritances, business valuations, investments, retirements, tax liabilities or perhaps farms or ranches which have been handed down generation to generation.

Sometimes the restructuring of your family will be combined with criminal investigations, discovery issues, mental health, drugs and/or alcohol, intimate partner violence,  CPS investigations and interventions, parental rights, and children’s rights, or may also include power imbalances, sometimes aggravated by economic disparity and financially superior opponents.

Life doesn’t always come in neatly wrapped packages. If you are experiencing a complex set of factors as your family transitions and restructures, please call The Law Office of D.C. Cronin to see if we are able to schedule you for a free, no-obligation initial consultation with Dennis.

Our staff will ask you for information from you to determine if your matter is something with which Dennis may be able to help in the time frame you need.

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